Introducing Our Summer Menu

Summer has arrived and our kitchen has been hard at work crafting our with flavors that everyone will love. From locally caught Sandestin seafood to USDA Prime steaks, our summer menu will leave your mouth watering all season long.

The Secret to Great Ambiance

Hosting tips and tricks from a Four-Diamond Restaurant. We thought we’d let you in on some of our secrets so you can make your own dinner experience as elegant as ours.

What Makes a Great Wine Great?

It’s a subject you could devote your life to (and we have), but by paying attention to a few details the next time you pour a glass of wine, you can learn a surprising amount about its quality.

What Your Steak Says About You: A Cut for Every Mood and Occasion

Overwhelmed by menu choices? We're breaking down the different steak cuts offered at our Destin, Florida area steakhouse and when to indulge in what.

Anatomy of a Place Setting

As a AAA four-diamond restaurant, Seagar’s prides itself on quality service in elegant surroundings. Much of the magic of the experience is in the details — like a properly set table with appropriate silverware for each stage of your meal.

10 Steps to the Perfect Caesar Salad

Secrets from one of the best restaurants in the Destin area. We're letting you in on what goes into our secret sauce...or, salad.

15 Fun Facts About Seagar’s Prime Steaks & Seafood

Eager to learn more about this beloved restaurant? We’ve compiled 15 fun facts about Seagar’s!

Wines to Impress Her on Your First Date

When choosing wines for a blind date or a night out with new people, keep it simple. It is easy to impress someone when making a selection from the "Reserve" list from many restaurants. Instead, try keeping it in the middle of the road. This means Pinot Noir, Red Meritage, Sauvignon Blanc or if desired, Champagne.

Seagar's Specialty Cocktails

With extensive mixology training, our bartending staff can create the perfect concoction to pair with your evening of choice.

Pinks: A Guide to Perfectly Cooked Steaks

At Seagar’s Prime Steaks & Seafood our steaks are known for being cooked on the rare-side compared to other steakhouses. Whereas most restaurants ask for the temperature you prefer at Seagar’s want to know the level of pink you’re looking for.

Reds: Tannins and Tastings

At Seagar’s Prime Steaks & Seafood we’re seeing red — red wine that is. Indulge with us as we learn more about what gives red wine its color and how so many hues of red can be seen amongst the different varieties.

Secrets to Decanting

With over 600 labels in our cellar, Seagar’s embodies the epitome of a wine connoisseur. As any enthusiast would know, a good bottle of red can become great with one simple step — decanting.