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Anatomy of a Place Setting

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Seagar’s Prime Steaks & Seafood is a fine dining restaurant near Destin, Florida built on tradition. As a AAA four-diamond restaurant, Seagar’s prides itself on quality service in elegant surroundings. Much of the magic of the experience is in the details — like a properly set table with appropriate silverware for each stage of your meal.

Upon being seated, you’ll notice a complete table setup for each member of your party. This setup includes one dinner and one salad fork, one steak knife, one bread knife, one charger, one napkin, one water and one wine glass, and one bread and butter plate. Elsewhere on the table you’ll find a candle lamp, and one salt and pepper shaker per table. With close observation, you’ll notice all silverware is placed approximately one inch from the table edge. Bread and Butter plates are placed precisely in the corner of table (to the left of the forks).

Each member of your Seagar’s service team is thoroughly trained in proper service procedures and we’re confident our team is full of the best fine dining staff in Destin, Florida. As the meal progresses, all food will be served from the left and cleared from the right. Beverages and beverage glasses are both served and cleared from the right. All flatware will be brought to the table via a service plate, and the server will lift flatware by the handle.

In addition, each table will be crumbed between every course. Used silverware will be picked up piece by piece by the middle or by the end farthest away from the eating surface, even if it has not been used. Used flatware will be placed on your plate, then that plate will be removed from the table — large plates before smaller ones, one setting at a time.

When it’s time for after dinner drinks and dessert, you’ll see more movement in the place setting. Our servers will frame your table with the appropriate silverware — coffee spoon, dessert fork or spoon, etc depending on your order. Coffee cups will be placed on the table, with the handle at 4:00 to the right side, and dinner drinks will be served directly in front of you.

Visit Seagar’s Prime Steaks & Seafood and experience the best fine dining in Destin, Florida for yourself. As a four-diamond restaurant, we’re committed to providing you with the best experience every time you visit.