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Wines to Impress Her on Your First Date

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When choosing wines for a blind date or a night out with new people, keep it simple. It is easy to impress someone when making a selection from the "Reserve" list from many restaurants. Instead, try keeping it in the middle of the road. This means Pinot Noir, Red Meritage, Sauvignon Blanc or if desired, Champagne.

Pinot Noir is the darling of the wine community at the moment because of two things. First, it pairs well with a wide variety of foods and in the warmer climates like ours here in Florida. Second, it isn't an overbearing wine so it won't weigh you down. A nice red Meritage is also great idea, bridge the gap between a more medium bodied red like Pinot Noir and an overblown larger bodied red like a single-vineyard California Cabernet.

Recently Sauvignon Blanc has become a favorite for these occasions because they are more food friendly than many California Chardonnays and thus will have a broader appeal at the table. Plus the juicy bright profile gives Sauvignon Blanc an edge because it is a much lighter wine than most Chardonnays.

Don't go it alone, take a census of the table of what people are having and what wines they like or dislike. This simple step will make it easier to narrow down the wine selections. Of course, asking the waiter for a recommendation is another way to get the ball rolling with making the appropriate selections for the evening.

Our suggestion: Medium bodied wines are the way to go for these situations is because you never want the wine to outshine the guest, it is a supporting role, not the main character.