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Impress Without the Stress: Tips for Holiday Entertaining Like the Pros

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Champagne at Seagar's restaurant in Destin Florida

The team at our Destin-area restaurant is made up of some of the best in the business — chefs, servers and more. As veterans of the restaurant industry, we’re pros at entertaining. Whether it’s an intimate dinner for two or a lavish event for 20, we know how to host a great celebration with delicious food, fantastic service and a stunning atmosphere.

As the holidays approach, we’re passing on our tips to impress without the stress during your holiday gathering. Read on and entertain your guests like the pros this holiday season.

Be Prepared

Our staff spends countless hours planning menus, preparing ingredients, setting tables and practicing the perfect presentation for each dish — which is obvious for anyone who visits our Destin restaurant! Practice makes perfect. Start planning your holiday celebration early this year. Prepare dishes ahead of time during a dry-run to perfect the process and do the ever important “taste test” before your big party.

Set the Scene

Setting the table with holiday colors and decor is essential. But don’t forget about the atmosphere throughout the rest of your home. Scented candles in the entryway and holiday shaped soaps in the restroom keep the theme present throughout your home. And don’t forget about music. Our pianist plays sets the scene for our guests with the melodies of a baby grand piano in our restaurant during dinner service. Simulate that experience in your own home with a curated playlist to set the mood.

Focus on Quality

Quality is everything when it comes to a good dinner party. Think beyond the grocery store. At Seagar’s we use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and partner with local purveyors. You can do the same by researching local vendors, perusing farmers markets and buying wines directly from local wineries that you admire. Support local business while searching for the freshest ingredients for your guests.

Timing is Everything

Your meal will likely have multiple courses — appetizers and hors d'oeuvres when guests arrive, a sit down dinner, followed by coffee and dessert in the living room perhaps. Time out the presentation of each course to ensure guests have plenty of time to enjoy the fruits of your labor without lulls between each stage of the meal. The servers at our restaurant near Destin, Florida are pros at this. If you look closely you’ll notice our service is carefully timed — drinks are delivered within three minutes of ordering, appetizers within 10 and entrees within 20.

Don’t Forget About Wine & Cocktails

Food preparation is key, but wine and cocktails really set a great party apart. Consider making some custom, holiday-themed cocktails for your guests. Great wine is also the perfect complement to every meal. Ask our knowledgable wait staff about our 600-label wine list — a great source of inspiration for your own party!

Want some more hands on training about how to throw a great dinner party? Visit our Destin-area restaurant and see the pros in action.